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Genres: Progressive Metal
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Last update/review: April 14, 2012


O.S.I. (Office Of Strategic Influence) is one of several prog metal supergroup/projects that always seem to revolve around members of Dream Theater or Cynic, and in this case both bands are represented. The foundation was laid when former DT keyboardist Kevin Moore decided to collaborate with current Fates Warning guitarist Jim Matheos in a new project, and the project was completed by two more notables, that being Sean Malone (Cynic, Aghora) and Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater). Considering that the core comes from Dream Theater and Fates Warning members, the resulting album is a bit of a surprise in that it sounds very little like either band, though fans of either FW or DT will likely find something interesting here. Moore, a noted keyboardist, takes on the additional role of vocals, and his understated style (occasionally given a slight programmed feel, similar to industrial vocalists though not nearly as harsh) is a marked contrast to the more melodic sounds of traditional prog metal singers. The music ranges far and wide, with several upbeat prog metal guitar riffs but also frequent quieter moments, with the occasional electronic effect lending to a rather relaxed, almost but not quite ambient, atmosphere (and also furthers the industrial influence, though OSI is far from a true industrial band). The overall tone is darker than one might expect, but Office Of Strategic Intelligence is quite an interesting listen. Recommended to prog metal fans, but also those looking for something a little edgier.

The 2006 followup, Free (not yet reviewed here), is reportedly quite a bit different than the debut.

Current Members

Kevin Moore

vocals/keyboards (ex-Dream Theater, guest for Fates Warning)

Jim Matheos

guitars (Arch/Matheos, Fates Warning, ex-Gordian Knot)

Gavin Harrison


Former Members/Guests

Sean Malone

bass (ex-Aghora, ex-Cynic, ex-Gordian Knot) RIP: December 9, 2020, suicide, age 50

Joey Vera (guest)

bass (ex-Arch/Matheos, Armored Saint, ex-Engine, Fates Warning, Motor Sister, ex-Seven Witches, guest for Seven Witches)

Mike Portnoy (guest)

drums (ex-Adrenaline Mob, guest for Avenged Sevenfold, guest for Bigelf, BPMD, Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, Metal Allegiance, Sons Of Apollo)


Office Of Strategic Influence  
2003 Inside Out
  1. The New Math (what he said)
  2. OSI
  3. When You're Ready
  4. Horseshoes And B-52's
  5. Head
  6. Hello, Helicopter!
  7. ShutDOWN
  8. Dirt From A Holy Place
  9. Memory Daydreams Lapses
  10. Standby (looks like rain)
  • Kevin Moore
  • Jim Matheos
  • Sean Malone
  • Mike Portnoy
2003 Readers' Album #67

2006 Inside Out
  1. Sure You Will
  2. Free
  3. Go
  4. All Gone Now
  5. Home Was Good
  6. Bigger Wave
  7. Kicking
  8. Better
  9. Simple Life
  10. Once
  11. Our Town
  • Kevin Moore
  • Jim Matheos
  • Joey Vera
  • Mike Portnoy

Re:Free  EP
  1. Go (Console remix)
  2. Kicking (Kevin Moore remix)
  3. Home Was Good (Kevin Moore remix)

2009 Inside Out
  1. The Escape Artist
  2. Terminal
  3. False Start
  4. We Come Undone
  5. Radiologue
  6. Be The Hero
  7. Microburst Alert
  8. Stockholm
  9. Blood
  • Kevin Moore
  • Jim Matheos
  • Gavin Harrison
2009 Readers' Album #98

Fire Make Thunder  
2012 Metal Blade
  1. Cold Call
  2. Guards
  3. Indian Curse
  4. Enemy Prayer
  5. Wind Won't Howl
  6. Big Chief II
  7. For Nothing
  8. Invisible Men
  • Kevin Moore
  • Jim Matheos
  • Gavin Harrison
2012 Readers' Album #58

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