Origin: Hartford, Connecticut, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Page online: November 3, 2020
Last update/review: November 3, 2020


As the band name clearly states, this projects pairs the incomparable former Fates Warning vocalist John Arch with current FW guitarist Jim Matheos, with several FW folks making appearances as well. Vocally, you're getting exactly what you expect -- no one sounds like John Arch, his vocals haven't wavered one bit from his 80's heyday with FW. Musically, this is adventurous progressive metal, though not exactly in the vein of either past or present Fates. The performances are uniformly top-notch as one would expect, leading to a no-brainer recommendation for prog metal listeners.

Current Members

John Arch

vocals (ex-Fates Warning)

Jim Matheos

guitars (Fates Warning, ex-Gordian Knot, O.S.I.)

Former Members/Guests

Frank Aresti

guitars (Dragonspoon, Fates Warning)

Joey Vera

bass (Armored Saint, ex-Engine, Fates Warning, Motor Sister, guest for O.S.I., ex-Seven Witches, guest for Seven Witches)

Bobby Jarzombek

drums (ex-Demons & Wizards, Fates Warning, ex-Halford, ex-Juggernaut, ex-Painmuseum, ex-Riot V, Spastic Ink)


Sympathetic Resonance  
2011 Metal Blade
  1. Neurotically Wired
  2. Midnight Serenade
  3. Stained Glass Sky
  4. On the Fence
  5. Any Given Day (Strangers Like Me)
  6. Incense and Myrrh
  • John Arch
  • Jim Matheos
  • Frank Aresti
  • Joey Vera
  • Bobby Jarzombek
2011 Readers' Album #13

Winter Ethereal  
2019 Metal Blade
  1. Vermilion Moons
  2. Wanderlust
  3. Solitary Man
  4. Wrath of the Universe
  5. Tethered
  6. Straight and Narrow
  7. Pitch Black Prism
  8. Never in Your Hands
  9. Kindred Spirits
  • John Arch
  • Jim Matheos

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