Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
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Last update/review: August 26, 2003

Without Grief

Without Grief was one of several bands playing so-called New Wave Of Swedish Death Metal, mixing melodic guitar lines with brutal riffing and death vocals, a la In Flames or older Dark Tranquillity, two of the innovators of the genre. This being a crowded field these days, WG suffered from an originality standpoint, but the execution is top-notch and both albums are quite recommended to fans of the aforementioned bands. They broke up some time ago, with several ex-members now in a band called 21 Lucifers (link below), and drummer Patrik Johannson playing in Stormwind as well as playing with Yngwie Malmsteen.

Last Lineup

Jonas Granvik


Daniel Thide


Tobias Ols


Bjorn Tauman


Patrik Johannsson


Former Members/Guests

Nicklas Lindh


Ola Berg



1997 Serious
  1. Suicidal Stone
  2. The Last Days
  3. Deflower
  4. Shallow Grave
  5. The Failures Crown
  6. Your Empty Eyes
  7. Betrayer Of Compulsion
  8. Vocalise
  • Jonas Granvik
  • Nicklas Lindh
  • Tobias Ols
  • Ola Berg
  • Patrik Johannsson

Absorbing The Ashes  
1999 Serious
  1. Kingdom Of Hatred
  2. Lifeless
  3. Ungodly
  4. Instrumental
  5. To The Evil
  6. Blackborn Soul
  7. Heaven Torn Apart
  8. Only Darkness Lies Ahead
  • Jonas Granvik
  • Daniel Thide
  • Tobias Ols
  • Bjorn Tauman
  • Patrik Johannsson

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