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Warhammer, the world's best Hellhammer imitation, debuted in 1997 with The Winter Of Our Discontent and survived until 2001, by which time personal differences had effectively destroyed the band from within. They agreed to record one last album (Curse Of The Absolute Eclipse, which would be their fourth) before disbanding. Broken up for several years, the itch to play again returned, and in 2006 they were back at it with renewed vigor. Really, Hellhammer is the beginning and the end when describing Warhammer's sound. This is not a band who's merely influenced by someone else, but a band who has explicitly and painstakingly set out to emulate another band's style. Essentially Warhammer is a Hellhammer tribute band, except that instead of playing cover songs like tribute bands normally do, Warhammer simply write and play songs that sound exactly like Hellhammer. It's all here, the tinny, simplistic drums, the droning guitars, the grunting vocals, songs that range from doomish to uptempo, but never once straying from the Hellhammer ethic.

Current Members

Olker Frerich


Marco Hoffman


Christoph Erdmann

bass (Attic)

Olf Meyn


Former Members/Guests

Frank Krynojewski


Rainer Filipiak


Jens Küchental



The Winter Of Our Discontent  
1997 Voices
  1. Beyond Forgiveness
  2. Damned to Extinction
  3. The Shape of the Enemy
  4. Warzones
  5. Drowned In Blackness
  6. Devastation of Silent Resistance
  7. Under The Wings of The Cross
  8. Imposters for all Time
  9. The Void Inside the Darkness
  10. The Winter of Our Discontent
  11. The Horror
  • Olker Frerich
  • Frank Krynojewski
  • Olf Meyn

  1. This Graveyard Earth
  2. Mankind's Darkest Day
  3. The Thorn of Damnation
  4. Deathchrist
  5. The Capacity of Tragic
  6. Defy the Dark
  7. The Demon's Breed
  8. Among the Dead
  9. The Tempter of Destruction
  10. The Realm of Torment
  • Olker Frerich
  • Frank Krynojewski
  • Rainer Filipiak
  • Olf Meyn

The Doom Messiah  
2000 Nuclear Blast
  1. Remorseless Wargrinder
  2. Shadow of the Decapitator
  3. Cries of the Foresaken
  4. Hell Is Open
  5. The Cruel Transcendency
  6. The Doom Messiah
  7. The Serpent's Tantrum
  8. Cold and Dying World (Part I)
  9. In Pain We'll Burn
  10. The Skullcrusher

Curse Of The Absolute Eclipse  
2002 Nuclear Blast
  1. Towards the Temples of Kandharh (Intro) / Fall of the Iconoclast
  2. Necrophobia
  3. Master of Fatalism
  4. Funeral Rites
  5. The Conqueror Worm
  6. Curse of the Sabbath (Necronom's Evocation)
  7. Crush the Disbeliever
  8. The Grave Hill
  9. Inmates of the Fire
  10. Infernal Tempest
  11. The Claw of Religion
  12. Dawn of the Cadaver Ghoul
  13. Fear the Reaper (Cold And Dying World (Part II))
  • Olker Frerich
  • Frank Krynojewski
  • Jens K├╝chental

Towards The Chapter Of Chaos  COMPILATION
  1. Warzones
  2. Predictions of Doom
  3. The Tempter of Destruction
  4. The Void Inside the Darkness
  5. Tales of the Macabre
  6. The Warprayer
  7. The Rise of the Living Dead
  8. The Thorn of Damnation
  9. Dawn of the Cadaver Ghoul
  10. Fall of the Iconoclast
  11. Imposters for All Times
  12. Curse of the Sabbath (Necronom's Evocation)

Live Massacre 2006  VIDEO

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