Origin: Poland

Mystic Production

Band Album Year
Acid Drinkers Verses Of Steel 2008
Acid Drinkers Fishdick Zwei - The Dick Is Rising Again 2010
Acid Drinkers La Part Du Diable 2012
Acid Drinkers 25 Cents For A Riff 2014
Artrosis Con Trust 2006
Artrosis Imago 2011
Blindead Affliction XXIX II MXMVI 2010
Blindead Absense 2013
Blindead Ascension 2016
Christ Agony NocturN 2011
Kat Somewhere In Poland 2004
Kat Mind Cannibals 2005
Riverside Reality Dream Trilogy 2011
Riverside Love, Fear And The Time Machine 2015
Riverside Eye Of The Soundscape 2016
Sceptic Blind Existence 1999
Sceptic Internal Complexity 2005
Virgin Snatch Art Of Lying 2005
Virgin Snatch In The Name Of Blood 2006
Virgin Snatch Act Of Grace 2008
Virgin Snatch We Serve No One 2014
Virgin Snatch Vote Is A Bullet 2018

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