Origin: Pori, Finland  
Genres: Gothic Metal
Page online: August 27, 2004
Last update/review: August 27, 2004

As Divine Grace

Formed in the early nineties, As Divine Grace covered several musical style during their run. As Morpheus (their previous name), the band was first rooted in traditional death metal, though by the time of their debut EP Romantic Beatitude Of Faded Dawn, the style of prime doomdeath bands such as Paradise Lost was the primary influence. By 1996 they had released Lumo, a relaxed gothic doom album not a million miles away from recent The Gathering in style, due in part to then-new vocalist Hanna Kalske's singing. Another change in style transpired for their last album, Supremature, an album which is really not metal at all, but a sort of melancholic gothic pop-ish rock, with Hanna's soulful vocals (her voice, though not her style, is similar to Ann-Marie Edvardsen of The 3rd And The Mortal) taking center stage. Though the lack of metallic structure might have disappointed some, the progression to a more open, airy sound, in retrospect, seems rather natural, given the previous changes in style (again, The Gathering has progressed along similar lines, at least in part). Some of the various members were reportedly involved in non-metal side projects, and presumably the band simply faded away around 2000 or 2001.

Last Lineup

Hanna Kalske


Sami Langojo


Ari Ala-Miekkaoja


Jukka Sillanpää


Mikko Lappalainen


Former Members/Guests

Jari Makiranta


Matti Tuohimaa



Romantic Beatitude Of Faded Dawn  
1996 Folter
  1. Maimer Of Sleeps
  2. Heartlesses, Lorn Pains
  3. Garden Of Tears
  4. Secret Winds
  • Sami Langojo
  • Ari Ala-Miekkaoja
  • Jari Makiranta
  • Matti Tuohimaa

1997 Avantgarde
  1. Perpetual
  2. In Low Spirits
  3. Gash
  4. Grimstone
  5. The Bloomsearcher
  6. Rosy Tale
  7. Out Of The Azure
  8. Wave Theory
  • Hanna Kalske
  • Sami Langojo
  • Ari Ala-Miekkaoja
  • Jari Makiranta
  • Jukka Sillanpää
  • Matti Tuohimaa

1999 Avantgarde
  1. Your Julie
  2. Morbide
  3. Personal
  4. Tango
  5. Shelter
  6. Ferocious
  7. Be Used
  8. The Most
  9. Andre
  10. Rhizome
  • Hanna Kalske
  • Sami Langojo
  • Ari Ala-Miekkaoja
  • Jukka Sillanpää
  • Mikko Lappalainen

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