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BNR's 100 Favorite Metal Songs

Some time ago I compiled a list of my favorite metal songs of all time. See the entire list, with commentary and links to YouTube clips, here.

Brand New Albums!

Apr 14  Tyr  Battle Ballads
Apr 12  Blue Oyster Cult  Ghost Stories
Apr 12  Necrot  Lifeless Birth
Apr 12  The Vision Bleak  Weird Tales
Apr 5  Hour Of Penance  Devotion
Apr 5  In Vain  Solemn
Apr 5  Iron Monkey  Spleen & Goad
Apr 5  Korpiklaani  Rankarumpu
Apr 5  The Monolith Deathcult  The Demon Who Makes Trophies Of Men
Mar 29  Coffins  Sinister Oath

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traditional metal from Illinois

Black Sites is a Chicago-based band founded by guitarist (and now sole original member) Mark Sugar, with three well-received albums ... Read more

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doom metal/space rock from Finland

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Die Like Gentlemen
sludge metal from Oregon

Portland's wonderfully-titled Die Like Gentlemen have been plying their trade since 2012, but have only recently found their ... Read more

Venom Prison
melodic death metal from Wales

This Welsh act started making waves with their 2019 Samsara album, featuring a harsh, caustic brand of hardcore-influenced death ... Read more

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