Frequently Asked Questions about the BNR Metal Pages

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What does BNR stand for?

BNR are the initials of me, the author, Brian Russ. Originally when the idea of a metal site came up, I tried to think of names like MetalWeb and others, but they were either taken or just didn't sound good. Eventually I thought of The BNR Metal Pages, wasn't really sure I liked it, but I couldn't come up with anything better at the time, and so the name stuck.

What is this site all about?

The BNR Metal Pages are a source of information about metal bands, both past and present, both famous and obscure. This is not a collection of links to other people's band pages -- there are already several good pages for that. Rather, this is more like an encyclopedia, or a database, of metal groups that I have listened to over the years. I tend to listen to lesser-known bands, and so a lot of them appear here. Of course there are entries for the popular bands like Metallica, Megadeth, etc., though I am in no way attempting to outdo some of the dedicated band pages out there.

I'm looking for (some out-of-print album), where can I buy it?

This is a very common question. Several years ago I used to frequent a site called CD Europe, which is now called CD Express. At the time they carried many titles I couldn't find anywhere else. Nowadays, it's rather difficult to find out-of-print albums. Try EBay, or used stores in your area -- it's amazing what one can find in used stores. Good luck!

Why don't you have lyrics/sound files/etc?

Unfortunately I don't have the time or resources to maintain more than the basic information about bands. Whenever possible, I try to provide links to dedicated band sites, so if you're looking for something more specific, you might try there.

What does NWOBHM stand for?

NWOBHM stands for New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. To make a long story short: though metal was established in the 70's (though the term wasn't popular then), its popularity was jumpstarted around 1979 and 1980, when a bunch of young British bands sprang out of nowhere with a fresh new sound. The most notable of these were Iron Maiden, Saxon, Angelwitch, Samson, and many others, some of whom went on to long careers and many others who never got past releasing the odd 7" record. Generally the period is considered to be 1980 through about 1984 or so. On a personal note, the NWOBHM remains a fond memory for me since my interest in metal was sparked by those bands at that time.

Why is <band X> listed? They aren't metal!

This is commonly asked about bands such as Korn, Papa Roach, Nirvana, and others, that may not fit the classic metal mold. This is a source of endless debate -- while there are some bands that everyone can agree are metal, there are others that are less clear. Is nu-metal metal? What about glam/hair bands -- are they metal? It's impossible for everyone to agree on such questions. I have tried to include bands that, if not obviously metal, have sufficient metallic qualities or are of interest to metal fans. I can't please everyone, though I do my best.

Why isn't <band Y> listed? They are metal!

Assuming we're talking about a well-known band, this is a similar argument to the above. This question is often asked about bands on the hard rock or glam side, such as Motley Crue, Whitesnake, and many others. It's quite possible that I'll get to these bands in the future, though whether blatantly glam bands like Poison are of any interest to most BNR Metal Pages readers is debateable.

If we're talking about a lesser-known band, the obvious answer is that I've either never heard of them at all, or have heard of the name but have not listened to their music. See the paragraph below about how new bands get added to the site.

How do new bands get added to the site?

Assuming the band in question is sufficiently metal enough, there are two requirements of new bands:

  1. They must have released at least one album or EP (demos don't count)
  2. I must have listened to at least one full album or EP (not just a single song or two)

The reason for the first requirement is not because I don't care about up-and-coming bands or long-lost garage bands, it's simply a matter of time and resources. As it is, I cannot keep up with all the established bands out there, much less write pages for bands that are still on the way up. I wish I could support these bands more, but I simply can't.

Number 2 sounds like a cheap ploy to get free stuff, but that's not the point, and certainly not why I've done this site in the first place. I just feel more comfortable and qualified writing about a band that I've heard first-hand rather than just relying on reports. It's as simple as that.

I know of (or am in) a band that I want added. What do I need to do?

This is the most frequent question/request that I get. As I mentioned above, I need to hear an album by the band. This does not necessarily mean I must possess a store-bought copy of the CD -- a CD-R will do, or better yet, if I can download MP3's of an album (the entire album, not just a few tracks from, say, MySpace), that works great. I must stress that, though of course I'd like to review every band there is, for practical reasons this just isn't possible. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee a page for a band even after hearing them (just because of how busy I am), but I do my best to accomodate as many requests as possible.

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