Origin: Montreal, Quebec, Canada  
Genres: Metalcore, Thrash Metal
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Page online: March 16, 2007
Last update/review: September 12, 2007

A Perfect Murder

Canadian metalcore here, from a band that formed in 2000 and released four albums from 2003 to 2007. Apparently their earlier material is more in the straight metalcore/hardcore vein, but Strength Is Vengeance (their third, and first following a major lineup change) is really more modern thrash, with some traces of their metalcore past. Kevin Randel does a passable Phil Anselmo impression, and that's not the only Pantera comparison to be made -- these guys aren't clones, but Pantera is clearly an influence here, alongside more classic thrash and even some traditional metal influences, and almost no sign of the Swedish melodic style that often finds its way into metalcore releases these days. The band announced its breakup in July 2007, shortly after the release of their last album, War Of Aggression.

Last Lineup

Carl Bouchard


Sebastien Gagnon


Kyrill Ducharme


Yan Chausse


Former Members/Guests

Frank Pellerin


Kevin Randel


Kevin Lemire


Pierre Remillard

guitars (Obliveon)

Luc Verville


Dave Bayreuther


Francois-Michel Labrie



Cease To Suffer  
2002 Goodfellow
  1. I've Lost
  2. Pushed Too Far
  3. Cease to Suffer
  4. The Burning Cross
  5. Last Kiss
  6. Laughed at My Pain
  7. Choke
  8. Disappear
  9. Lose It All
  10. Dead and Gone
  11. Interlude
  12. Prophet on a Lie
  • Frank Pellerin
  • Carl Bouchard
  • Kevin Lemire
  • Sebastien Gagnon
  • Luc Verville
  • Yan Chausse

2003 Victory
  1. Jaded
  2. Possessed
  3. Time Bomb
  4. Speak Without Faith
  5. Slave to the Clock
  6. Unbroken
  7. No Truce
  8. Eye for an Eye
  9. Savior
  10. Bouc Emissaire
  11. Die with Regret
  12. No Pulse in My Veins
  13. Another Day, Another Plague
  • Frank Pellerin
  • Carl Bouchard
  • Kevin Lemire
  • Luc Verville
  • Yan Chausse

Strength Through Vengeance  
2005 Victory
  1. Strength Through Vengeance
  2. Black Hate Machine
  3. Wake Up and Die
  4. Snake Eyes
  5. Path of Resistance
  6. Deceit of Man
  7. Body and Blood
  8. Rotten I
  9. Suffocation of Thought
  10. Time Changes Nothing
  11. Slay the Masses
  • Kevin Randel
  • Carl Bouchard
  • Pierre Remillard
  • Dave Bayreuther
  • Yan Chausse

War Of Aggression  
2007 Victory
  1. War of Aggression
  2. Enemy of Mine
  3. Label Me
  4. Within
  5. In Hell
  6. Rapture
  7. Disconnect
  8. Sadist
  9. Fortunate Son
  10. Legion of Doom
  • Kevin Randel
  • Carl Bouchard
  • Kyrill Ducharme
  • Francois-Michel Labrie
  • Yan Chausse

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