Origin: Kansas City, Missouri, USA  
Genres: Power Metal
Page online: February 27, 2016
Last update/review: February 27, 2016

Ancient Creation

These Midwesterners are one of many bands playing unaduturated metal the way it used to be. Formed in 2003, they've got three releases to their credit as of this writing, with the middle album, 2007's Evolution Bound, reviewed here. The style here is best described as strongly 80's-based American traditional metal with some progressive touches (early Fates Warning is frequently named as a soundalike, except in the vocal department). The production is a bit rough, though not a detraction. Not the kind of band that sets the world on fire, but one could do far worse for nostalgic, 80's-inspired metal.

Current Members

Steve Bentley


Peter Nisenkier


Maxx Christopher

drums (ex-Doomshade)

Andy Critz


Kevin Keeton


Former Members/Guests

Jason Johnson


Mike Burns



Evolution Bound  
2007 Melissa
  1. The Brotherhood
  2. Taste of Mortality
  3. Carrion - The Horde
  4. Bringer of Evil
  5. Spirit of Darkness
  6. Heritage
  7. Lost Angels
  8. Sphere
  9. Evolution Bound
  • Steve Bentley
  • Peter Nisenkier
  • Jason Johnson
  • Andy Critz
  • Mike Burns

Moonlight Monument  
  1. Profane Destiny
  2. Black Reflection
  3. Apocalypse
  4. With Anguish
  5. Through Prophet's Eyes
  6. Drifting to Fade
  7. Stories in the Snow
  8. At Dusk
  9. Moonlight Monument
  • Steve Bentley
  • Peter Nisenkier
  • Maxx Christopher
  • Andy Critz
  • Kevin Keeton

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