Origin: Varberg, Sweden  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: November 11, 2003
Last update/review: August 31, 2004


A quote from Anata's website: "Anata's music can be described as death metal with influences from both the American and Swedish scenes. The result of this is brutal, very rapid, intense and somewhat harmonic death metal." Usually quotes on a band's home page (or even worse, record label promos) come off as completely undescriptive or overblown marketing hype. In this case, though, one would be hard pressed to find a better description of Anata. They are intense, and they definitely share some of the raw brutality of American death metal with the melody of the Swedish scene, without blatantly copying either. Considering how easy it is for one death metal band to sound a lot like many others, Anata has a reasonably original style here.

Current Members

Fredrik Schälin


Andreas Allenmark


Henrik Drake


Conny Pettersson

drums (guest for Lion's Share)

Former Members/Guests

Robert Petersson



The Infernal Depths Of Hatred  
1998 Season Of Mist
  1. Released When You Are Dead
  2. Let The Heavens Hate
  3. Under Azure Skies
  4. Vast Lands Infernal Gates
  5. Slain Upon His Altar
  6. Those Who Lick The Wounds Of Christ
  7. Dethroned The Hypocrites
  8. Aim Not At The Kingdom High
  • Fredrik Schälin
  • Andreas Allenmark
  • Henrik Drake
  • Robert Petersson

WAR Vol II (split with Bethzaida)  
1999 Season Of Mist
  1. Let me become your fallen Messiah
  2. With me you shall fall
  3. Day of suffering
  4. The tranquillity of my last breath
  5. Last day of Sodom (Bethzaida)
  6. Expulsion (Bethzaida)
  7. Fredmans epistel nr.30: Drick ur ditt glas (Bethzaida)
  8. Under azure skies (Bethzaida)
  • Fredrik Schälin
  • Andreas Allenmark
  • Henrik Drake
  • Robert Petersson

Dreams Of Death And Dismay  
2001 Season Of Mist
  1. Die Laughing
  2. Faith, Hope, Self Deception
  3. God Of Death
  4. Metamorphosis By The Well Of Truth
  5. Dreamon
  6. Can.t Kill What.s Already Dead
  7. Insurrection
  8. The Enigma Of Number Three
  9. Drain Of Blood
  10. The Temple- Erratic
  • Fredrik Schälin
  • Andreas Allenmark
  • Henrik Drake
  • Conny Pettersson

Under A Stone With No Inscription  
2004 Wicked World
  1. Shackled To Guilt
  2. A Problem Yet To Be Solved
  3. Entropy Within
  4. Dance To The Song Of Apathy
  5. Sewerages Of The Mind
  6. Built On Sand
  7. Under The Debris
  8. The Drowning
  9. Leaving The Spirit Behind
  10. Any Kind Of Magic Or Miracle
  • Fredrik Schälin
  • Andreas Allenmark
  • Henrik Drake
  • Conny Pettersson

The Conductor's Departure  
2006 Wicked World
  1. Downward Spiral into Madness
  2. Complete Demise
  3. Better Grieved than Fooled
  4. The Great Juggler
  5. Cold Heart Forged in Hell
  6. I Would Dream of Blood
  7. Disobedience Pays
  8. Children's Laughter
  9. Renunciation
  10. The Conductor's Departure

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