Origin: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
Last update/review: November 21, 2000


Apocrypha was a Judas Priest-styled metal band on the Shrapnel label, which like all Shrapnel releases means plenty of flashy guitar work, here courtesy of Tony Fredianelli. The band managed to release three albums before being dropped by Shrapnel and disbanding shortly thereafter. Fredianelli recorded a solo effort (Breakneck Speed) in 1993, and finally joined the popular rock band Third Eye Blind in 2000.

Last Lineup

Steve Plocica


Tony Fredianelli


Chip Chrovian

rhythm guitar

Breck Smith


Dave Schiller


Former Members/Guests

Al Rumley


Mike Poe



The Forgotten Scroll  
1987 Shrapnel
  1. Penance (Keep The Faith)
  2. Lost Children Of Hope
  3. Holy Wars (Only Lock The Doors)
  4. Fall Of The Crest
  5. Tablet Of Destiny
  6. Look To The Sun
  7. Riding In The Night
  8. Solo
  9. Distorted Reflections
  10. Broken Dream
  • Steve Plocica
  • Tony Fredianelli
  • Al Rumley
  • Mike Poe

The Eyes Of Time  
1988 Shrapnel
  1. Father Time
  2. West World
  3. Twilight Of Modern Man
  4. Alexander The King
  5. The Day Time Stood Still
  6. The Hour Glass
  7. H.G. Wells
  8. The Man Who Saw Tomorrow
  9. Mystic
  • Steve Plocica
  • Tony Fredianelli
  • Chip Chrovian
  • Al Rumley
  • Mike Poe

Area 54  
1990 Shrapnel
  1. Terrors Holding On To You
  2. Catch 22
  3. A Night In Fog
  4. The Power Elite
  5. Instrubation #3
  6. Area 54
  7. Tian'Anmen Square
  8. The Detriment Of Man
  9. Refuse The Offer That You Can't Refuse
  10. Born To This World
  • Steve Plocica
  • Tony Fredianelli
  • Chip Chrovian
  • Breck Smith
  • Dave Schiller

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