Origin: Canberra, Australia  
Genres: Death Metal
Last update/review: December 20, 2012

Armoured Angel

Armoured Angel was one the earliest Australian death metal bands, formed back in 1984, releasing a couple of demos in the late eighties followed by two EPs and finally (after breaking up, and reforming with founder Glen Luck recruiting two new members) a full-length album in Angel Of The Sixth Order. Musically, they aren't really standard death metal except for Yuri Ward's rather one-dimensional hoarse death vocals, as the music is a more mid-paced death/thrash mixture, with Ward's guitars opting for a wall-of-sound approach rather the tight crunch of traditional thrash. Sixth Order is a bit simplistic and one-dimensional but a reasonably enjoyable album. They disbanded soon after the album's release, and though there was some talk of another reformation as late as 2001, it appears the band is no more.

Last Lineup

Glen Luck


Yuri Ward


Steve Luff


Former Members/Guests

Matt Green


Joel Green



Stigmartyr  EP
1992 Id
  1. Hymn Of Hate
  2. Beyond The Sacrament
  3. Stigmartyr
  4. Ordained In Darkness
  • Glen Luck
  • Matt Green
  • Joel Green

Mysterium  EP
1994 Id
  1. Myth Of Creation
  2. Heir To Evil
  3. Enigmatize
  4. Carved In Sin
  5. Pray For Me
  6. Elegy
  • Glen Luck
  • Matt Green
  • Joel Green

Angel Of The Sixth Order  
1999 Warhead
  1. Whore Of Babylon
  2. Eve Of Temptation
  3. Seven Angels
  4. Crucifiction
  5. Gadarene Swine
  6. Spear Of Destiny
  7. Cervical Slut
  8. Thy Blood Eterne
  9. Carved In Sin
  • Glen Luck
  • Yuri Ward
  • Steve Luff

  1. Hymn of Hate
  2. Beyond the Sacrament
  3. Stigmartyr
  4. Ordained in Darkness
  5. Myth of Creation
  6. Heir to Evil
  7. Enigmatize
  8. Carved in Sin
  9. Pray for Me
  10. Elegy
  11. Armoured Angel
  12. Madame Guillotine
  13. Christian Slaughter
  14. Crush, Kill, Destroy
  15. Castration
  16. Tergiversator
  17. Communion
  18. My Fist, Your Face
  19. Thy Blood Eterne
  20. Gulka
  21. Way of Sorrows
  22. Oriax

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