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Page online: July 4, 2014
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Beehler the band is named after original Exciter drummer/vocalist Dan Beehler, and features two/thirds of the original Exciter lineup, with bassist Alan Johnson on hand alongside new guitarist Sean Brophy. The band released Messages To The Dead in 2011, an album that appears to have flown a bit under the radar. Opener "Jet Black" screams (no pun intended) classic Exciter, with Beehler's screechy vocals sounding just like he did back in the day. Elsewhere, the pace slows a bit for a more heavier 80's-inspired approach on tracks such as "Destitute Abuser" and "In No One We Trust". As of this writing (April 2014), Beehler and Johnson have joined their old bandmate John Ricci in the rejuvenated Exciter.

Current Members

Dan Beehler

vocals/drums (Exciter)

Sean Brophy


Scott Walsh


Brian Stephenson



Messages To The Dead  
2011 High Roller
  1. Jet Black
  2. March Of Death
  3. Eternal Tormentor
  4. Message To The Dead
  5. Destitude Abuser
  6. In Know One We Trust
  7. Organized Mayhem
  8. Destroy
  9. Megalodon
  10. Save Me From Myself
  11. Kill The Witch
  12. The End Of The World
  • Dan Beehler
  • Sean Brophy
  • Scott Walsh
  • Brian Stephenson

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