Origin: California, USA  
Genres: Christian Metal
Last update/review: January 7, 2001


On the first two albums, Betrayal play inventive, decent Christian thrash, quite competent if not groundbreaking. After an extended absense, guitarist Marcus Colon has resurrected the Betrayal name as essentially a solo project, as on the new Leaving Nevermore he plays all the instruments, as well as singing and programming. According to reviews, the direction is quite different, not thrash-based, but more goth, electronic, and dark in nature.

Last Lineup

Marcus L. Colon

guitars/backing vocals

Former Members/Guests

Chris Ackerman


Matt Maners


Bob McCue


Jeff Lain


Brian Meuse


Jeff Mason



Renaissance By Death  
1991 Wonderland
  1. Renaissance By Death
  2. The Invitation
  3. Fallen Deceived
  4. More Faith Than Me
  5. Escaping The Altar
  6. Assassins In The Midst
  7. Mortal Flesh
  8. Stroll Thru A Wicked Age
  9. Prophets Of Baal
  10. Plead The Blood
  • Chris Ackerman
  • Marcus L. Colon
  • Matt Maners
  • Jeff Lain
  • Brian Meuse

The Passing  
1993 Wonderland
  1. Renouncement
  2. The Usurper
  3. Carnival Of Madness
  4. Ichabod
  5. Forest Of Horrors
  6. Race Of Hypocrisy
  7. As I Turned Away
  8. Whispers Of Chaos
  9. Strength Of The Innocent
  10. Retaliatory Strike
  11. Frantic
  • Chris Ackerman
  • Marcus L. Colon
  • Bob McCue
  • Jeff Lain
  • Jeff Mason

Leaving Nevermore  
2000 independent
  1. The Gathering
  2. When
  3. Room For One More
  4. A Place Called Home
  5. To Follow
  6. The Window
  7. Sadly
  8. Premise
  9. Things Not Seen
  10. Wanting
  11. The Review
  • Marcus L. Colon

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