Origin: New York, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
Page online: January 16, 2016
Last update/review: January 16, 2016

Black Diamond

Black Diamond was an obscure early-80's band who managed one self-financed album, released to little acclaim, before disappearing. The style is one might expect for 1982 indie metal -- NWOBHM-flavored to be sure, in fact one might argue this band probably would be more well known if they actually were from England and thus part of the NWOBHM scene. As it stands, Black Diamond is a bit rough and under-produced, but certainly worth seeking out for the 80's metal completist.

Last Lineup

Bobby Huber


Vinny Torretta


Pat Hull



Black Diamond  
  1. You
  2. Now and Forever
  3. Power Ride
  4. Earthshaker
  5. Distant Eyes
  6. Mezmerizor
  7. Metal to Metal
  8. Metal Warriors
  9. Witch Craft
  10. Last Dream
  • Bobby Huber
  • Vinny Torretta
  • Pat Hull

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