Origin: Pennsylvania, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
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Last update/review: December 19, 2002

Black Task

Early demos of this band showed them to be speed/thrash with a slight hardcore influence, but by the time this album came out they had a slightly more power metal feel. Long After Midnight was somewhat underproduced but it gave the guitar sound a raw heavy sound which I thought was pretty good. A little dated now but I still like this album.

Last Lineup

Warren Appleby


Steve Kristiansen


Gus Santiago


Jim Trub



Long After Midnight  
1986 Axe Killer
  1. Long After Midnight
  2. Set To Explode
  3. Knowledge Is Deadly
  4. The Terminal Frost
  5. This Road Burns
  6. Shattered And Torn
  7. Burning The Sky
  8. Overload
  9. In The Shadows
  10. Rip!
  • Warren Appleby
  • Steve Kristiansen
  • Gus Santiago
  • Jim Trub

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