Origin: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
Last update/review: April 14, 2003


As metal started to flourish in America in the mid-eighties, bands like Blacklist were commonplace, releasing a self-financed vinyl album or two without ever really gaining any worldwide fame. Hailing from Milwaukee, Blacklist's one release is a rare 4-track EP, Sign Of 4, featuring a classic American 80's metal sound and a wailing vocalist in Mark Holz. The production is rough, but nonetheless perfect for the times, allowing the raw energy of their mid-paced metal anthems to shine. Bands of this style were numerous back then, so while Sign Of 4 isn't the most original release in the world, it's a great nostalgia trip back to a time where underground metal was really starting to take hold.

Last Lineup

Mark Holz


Jon Rogue


Rick Koch


Ron Pyne



The Sign Of 4  EP
1984 self-released
  1. Steady On The Steel
  2. Confrontation
  3. Sin Sentence
  4. Revenge
  • Mark Holz
  • Jon Rogue
  • Rick Koch
  • Ron Pyne

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