Origin: Springfield, Missouri, USA  
Genres: Death Metal
Last update/review: April 4, 2006

Burning Inside

Burning Inside is led by the esteemed Richard Christy, who has contributed to a number of respected metal acts and who is now works as none other than Howard Stern's sidekick. Much of Christy's work has been in the death metal field, and that's certainly what Burning Inside is about, the band mostly rooted in old-school Floridian death metal with the occasional technical flair. Christy himself, however, sets the band apart -- he's the star of the show here and is clearly on overdrive, with a hyperactive style that one can't help but marvel at. The rest of the band is competant (the vocals are pretty ordinary), as there is clearly something for the hardened death fan here, but the songs themselves lack distinction, with too many riffs and not enough that are memorable. As this is Christy's band, it's probably safe to classify them as inactive, if not outright disbanded.

Last Lineup

Jamie Prim


Michael Estes

guitars (ex-Acheron, Resurrection)

Steve Childers


Richard Christy

drums (ex-Acheron, ex-Control Denied, Charred Walls Of The Damned, ex-Death, ex-Iced Earth, ex-Leash Law)


The Eve Of The Entities  
2000 Pavement
  1. Words of Wyndham (Intro)
  2. The Eve of the Entities
  3. My Own
  4. The Unknown
  5. Masque
  6. Engulfed in Flames
  7. The Valley of Unrest
  8. Blind to all that Exist
  9. Chapters of Youth
  10. Drained of Essence
  11. Everlasting Sleep
  • Jamie Prim
  • Michael Estes
  • Steve Childers
  • Richard Christy

2001 Crash Music
  1. Therapy
  2. Carnage Remains
  3. The Fog
  4. Disembodied Souls
  5. Resurrection and Revenge
  6. Gates of Hell
  7. Apparition
  8. Subject to Threat
  9. The Collective
  10. Within the Walls
  • Jamie Prim
  • Michael Estes
  • Steve Childers
  • Richard Christy

Burning Inside  EP
2007 self-released
  1. The Last Sound
  2. Humanity Forsaken
  3. River Of Blood
  4. A Darkend Room
  5. Regenerate
  6. Overcast Of My Inner Self

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