Origin: Ohio, USA  
Genres: Traditional Metal
Last update/review: February 8, 2000


CJSS was essentially a sister band of Chastain, both bands being led by guitarist David Chastain. At the time, the two bands were somewhat similar, with Chastain being a bit more metallic and CJSS being a bit more hard rockish. After releasing the two albums, the band continued until 1992, at which time the members decided to work on individual projects. However, following the re-release of their two albums (as one CD, 2-4-1, and a few reunion gigs in '99, the band has decided to record a new album in 2000.

Current Members

Russell Jinkens


David Chastain

guitars (Chastain)

Mike Skimmerhorn

bass (Chastain)

Les Sharp



World Gone Mad  
1986 Black Dragon
  1. Hell On Earth
  2. No Man's Land
  3. Communication Breakdown
  4. World Gone Mad
  5. Run To Another Day
  6. The Gates Of Eternity
  7. Destiny
  8. Welcome To Damnation
  9. Living In Exile

Praise The Loud  
1986 Black Dragon
  1. Out Of Control
  2. Land Of The Free
  3. Don't Play With Fire
  4. Praise The Loud
  5. Citizen Of Hell
  6. Danger
  7. Metal Forever
  8. Thunder And Lightning
  9. The Bargain

1990 Black Dragon

2-4-1 (CD re-release of both albums)  
1999 Leviathan

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