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Capricorn was the continuation of the thrash band Grinder, who released a trio of albums from 1988 through 1991. While Grinder was more in the classic speed/thrash mold, Capricorn slowed the tempo down, resulting in a more traditional metal style that was almost anthemic at times. Adrian Hahn's harsh, almost hardcore-ish vocals seemed at odds with the riffs, as a more melodic vocalist might have been a better fit. In any case, they were done by 1995, and drummer Stefan Arnold soon departed to the more well-known Grave Digger.

Last Lineup

Adrian Hahn

vocals/bass (ex-Grinder)



Stefan Arnold

drums (ex-Grave Digger, ex-Grinder, ex-Wallop)


1993 Shark
  1. Mob In The Hood
  2. One Shot From Murder
  3. Burn
  4. Light Up Your Mind
  5. Lonely As The World
  6. Mr. Vorhees
  7. Bomb Eden
  8. Shotdown Downtown
  9. The Harder They Fall
  10. Long Way From Home
  11. Exceeding The Limits Of Pain
  • Adrian Hahn
  • David
  • Stefan Arnold

1995 Noise
  1. Iced Age
  2. Claws Of The Mad
  3. The Wire Fence
  4. Daed Can Walk
  5. Moonstruck
  6. Iron Bitter
  7. Gun For Hire
  8. A Call For Defiance
  9. You Can't Stop Rock'n'Roll
  10. Camp Blood
  11. Inferno
  • Adrian Hahn
  • David
  • Stefan Arnold

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