Origin: Omaha, Nebraska, USA  
Genres: Power Metal
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Page online: March 16, 2007
Last update/review: March 19, 2017


Give Enter Deception to any seasoned metal fan and the reaction is likely to be one of “hey, a new German speed/power metal band!”. True enough, except for the fact that Cellador isn’t German, or even European – instead, they hail from America’s heartland (Nebraska, to be precise). Perhaps featuring a Brazilian-born guitarist and a Russian-born bassist has something to do with it, but even that notwithstanding, it’s pretty incredible how accurately this new band has nailed a classic European style. This is primo hyperspeed, upbeat Euro power metal, with the songs racing along at the speed of light and Michael Gremio’s Bruce Dickinson-inspired vocals leading the way. Original? Absolutely not (except, again, given the band’s origin). A worthwhile purchase? If you’re into power metal, absolutely – these guys aren’t likely to win over those not into the style, but fans into DragonForce and the like will unquestionably dig these guys. An interesting signing for Metal Blade Records, as this is outside their normal style (though some of their European signings aren’t too far removed from power metal).

Current Members

Chris Petersen


Eric Meyers


James Pickett


Nick McCallister


Former Members/Guests

Michael Gremio


Bill Hudson

guitars (Circle II Circle)

Val Rakhmanov


Diego Valadez


David Dahir


Adam Leeway (guest)



Enter Deception  
2006 Metal Blade
  1. Leaving All Behind
  2. A Sign Far Beyond
  3. Never Again
  4. Forever Unbound
  5. Seen Through Time
  6. Wakening
  7. Releasing the Shadow
  8. No Chances Lost
  • Michael Gremio
  • Chris Petersen
  • Bill Hudson
  • Val Rakhmanov
  • David Dahir

Honor Forth  EP
2011 self-released
  1. Honor Forth
  2. I'm Omega
  3. Unchained
  4. Conscious Defector
  • Chris Petersen
  • Diego Valadez
  • Adam Leeway

Off The Grid  
2017 Scarlet
  1. Sole Survivors
  2. Break Heresy
  3. Shadowfold
  4. Wake Up the Tyrant
  5. Off the Grid
  6. Swallow Your Pride
  7. Shimmering Status
  8. Good Enough
  9. This Means War
  10. Running Riot
  • Chris Petersen
  • Eric Meyers
  • James Pickett
  • Diego Valadez
  • Nick McCallister

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