Origin: England  
Genres: NWOBHM
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Chevy appeared on the second volume of the cult NWOBHM series Metal For Muthas, with a song also called "Chevy". Around that same time they recorded their only album, The Taker, released in 1980. The album shows a lighter side of the NWOBHM style, more hard rock than real metal with even a shade of southern rock thrown in. Not bad for what it was, but ultimately they became another of the many NWOBHM bands who quickly appeared on the scene and seemingly disappeared just as fast.

Last Lineup

Martin Cure


Paul Shanahan


Steve Walwyn


Bob Poole


Andy Chaplin



The Taker  
1980 Avatar
  1. The Taker
  2. You Got Me Running
  3. Skybird
  4. Chevy
  5. Too Much Loving
  6. Turn On The Light
  7. Shine On
  8. Cold And Lonely
  9. Rock On
  • Martin Cure
  • Paul Shanahan
  • Steve Walwyn
  • Bob Poole
  • Andy Chaplin

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