Origin: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA  
Genres: Industrial
Last update/review: September 27, 2004


Unloved And Weeded Out is an odd, experimental industrial noise album by the Pennsylvanian duo Candiru. Early Godflesh might be the best initial reference point, though Candiru is less dominated by crushing guitars and more adventurous with sampling and programmed beats. As with most industrial-based outfits, the pervasive mood is cold, harsh, and sterile. One of the two members, Pat McCahan, was later seen in another experimental noise project, that being Scorn.

Last Lineup

Pat McCahan

all instruments

Kipp Johnson

all instruments


Unloved And Weeded Out  
1993 Relapse
  1. Wish I Woulda Killed You
  2. Sunburnt Innards
  3. Poison Mouth
  4. Blind Temple
  5. Opaque Sun
  6. Chapter To The Pagan
  7. I'll Fix You
  8. Anti-Bed
  9. Angels
  10. Repeat After Me
  11. Dangled Bait
  12. The Misery Circus
  13. Extermination Program
  14. Trance And Trampled
  15. Hammer

Unreleased And Dug Out  
2004 D-Trash
  1. Tripmoon
  2. Ministration Of Termination
  3. Hatred
  4. Crystallized
  5. Omnivorous In You
  6. Stained
  7. Residual Damage
  8. Omnivorous
  9. One Night Under A Gate
  10. Soul Punisher
  11. Mute God
  12. And Justice
  13. Subjugation
  14. Nova
  15. Crystallized (Schizoid - Crystalline Dirge Remix)

Piscatorial Terror  COMPILATION
2008 D-Trash
  1. The Coming Of Grief
  2. Angles
  3. Propulsion
  4. Poison Mouth
  5. Hammer (Live)
  6. Crystallized (Live)
  7. Tranced And Trampled (Live)
  8. Sunburnt Innards
  9. Ministration Of Termination
  10. Hatred (Live)
  11. Stained (Live)
  12. Angles (Live)

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