Origin: New York, New York, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: December 20, 2007
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Years ago (in the mid-eighties) the band Combat was put together by Chris Wiedner and the Rossbach brothers. Eventually they changed name to Napalm, and as such the band ran its course, though by the time of their last recording none of the three were still around. Many years later, the Rossbachs were back in action, reviving the Combat name and releasing an album, Ruination, in 2007. This returns to the guys' earlier roots, that being hardcore/crossover/thrash (not metalcore, though -- think bands like Nuclear Assault or Sacred Reich in their prime). Vocalist Bob Eubank sometimes has a Tom Araya vibe, at other times his pitch rises similarly to Nuclear Assault's John Connelly, and lyrically they're on common ground with NA, with post-apocalyptic and political themes a frequent topic. This isn't particularly contemporary, but nor is it a stale retro rehash -- this is a fine slice of punk/crossover-influenced thrash metal.

Current Members

Bob Eubank


Jeff Rossbach

guitars (ex-Napalm)

Rex Rossbach

drums (ex-Napalm)


2007 That's Heavy
  1. Corrupt Destruct
  2. Destructure
  3. Ruination
  4. Fortune Of Torture
  5. The Reign Is Over
  6. Outbred
  7. Blades Of Death
  8. Rat On Wings
  9. Temporal Punishment
  • Bob Eubank
  • Jeff Rossbach
  • Rex Rossbach

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