Origin: Tilburg, Netherlands  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: June 8, 2004
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The Dutch band Crustacen was formed back in 1989 under the name Crystal Lake, with the name change taking place in the mid-nineties, along with a slight style change away from pure death metal towards Slayer -esque thrash (some of the members also played in a Slayer cover band). Insaniac, the band's 2003 album, is a whirlwind of deathy thrash, or perhaps thrashy death, with Tom Paulusse's vocals being more of the old-school thrash variety (bringing to mind the late Paul Baloff of Exodus at times), while the riffs are dirtier, more along the lines of traditional death metal, though clear thrash influences can be found here as well. The songs are short and to the point, with little variance in pace, but it's a fun ride. The follow-up (and to date, their last album) came out in 2011 as Greed, Tyranny And Sodomy.

Current Members

Tom Paulusse


Miche Meeuwissen


Joris van Iersel


Former Members/Guests

Ferry Damen


Jos Van Den Brand



Burden Of Our Suffering  
1998 Teutonic Ex.
  1. bitter state
  2. burden of our suffering
  3. black domain
  4. dark crusade
  5. deathly grin
  6. injected with blood
  7. tomblike silence
  8. devilish enchantments
  9. evil magick
  10. drawn from the grave
  11. diabolical contraptions
  12. deathmatch
  • Tom Paulusse
  • Ferry Damen
  • Miche Meeuwissen
  • Joris van Iersel

Satanized  EP
  1. bloodshot
  2. satanizer
  3. soulsucker
  4. devilution
  5. lost (Head)
  • Tom Paulusse
  • Ferry Damen
  • Miche Meeuwissen
  • Joris van Iersel

2003 Cold Blood
  1. Arena
  2. Random Terror
  3. Psycho 2001
  4. Satanizer
  5. Deathtrap
  6. Soul Sucker
  7. Bloodshot
  8. Lost (Head)
  9. Penance
  10. Redeemer
  11. Foul Usurper
  12. State Necropolis
  • Tom Paulusse
  • Ferry Damen
  • Miche Meeuwissen
  • Joris van Iersel

Greed, Tyranny And Sodomy  
2011 Xtreem
  1. Spawn from Lies
  2. Sadist International
  3. Plausible Deniability
  4. Destructive Attitude
  5. The Falacy You Call Faith
  6. Pearls Before Swine
  7. Contaminated Blood
  8. Attention-Terrorist
  9. Unique Legacy
  10. Greed, Tyranny and Sodomy
  • Tom Paulusse
  • Jos Van Den Brand
  • Miche Meeuwissen
  • Joris van Iersel

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