Origin: Stockholm, Sweden  
Genres: Black Metal
Page online: July 5, 2019
Last update/review: July 5, 2019

Cursed 13

Cursed 13 dates back to 1998, a one-man project with the name Cursed 666. For some reason the change to Cursed 13 took place around 2006, and after a 2013 EP, the years-in-the-making debut, Triumf, was released in 2013, by which time the solo project had turned into a proper band. Triumf is a standard black metal album though it's neither of the kvltish early style nor the dissonant technical mode of, say, the recent French black metal scene. Perhaps most reminiscient of Satyricon, the songs are largely mid-paced, consisting of straightforward song structures and the requisite icy guitars and typical blackened vocals. Even if it doesn't exactly overflow with originality, it's quite competant and a recommended listen.

Current Members

Heljarmadr (Andreas Vingbäck)

vocals/guitars (Dark Funeral)





Dimitri Jungi


Former Members/Guests

Grim Vindkall


Mr. Vanha (guest)



Modernize Messiah  EP
2007 independent
  1. I Love Cyanide
  2. Modernize Messiah
  3. Requiem / Victory
  • Heljarmadr
  • Mr. Vanha

  1. No Return
  2. Dead and Gone
  3. Death n Roll
  4. I Love Cyanide
  5. Aska Till Aska
  6. Frälst Av Eld
  7. När Marorna Kallar
  8. Seductress
  9. Requiem / Victory
  10. Agitator (Upptakt Till Vrede)
  11. Vrede
  • Heljarmadr
  • Grim Vindkall
  • Maugrim
  • Dimitri Jungi

Into Ashes  EP
  1. Into Ashes
  2. Bleed For Me
  • Heljarmadr
  • Niantiel
  • Maugrim
  • Dimitri Jungi

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