Origin: Parma, Italy  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
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Last update/review: November 20, 2010

Dark Lunacy

This self-labeled "dramatic death metal" band from Italy was formed in 1997, self-releasing an MCD in 1998 and later, after signing to a record label, two albums in 2000 and 2004 At its core, Dark Lunacy is a straightforward death metal band, not too technical or brutal but also not terribly melodic. This is complemented, though, with the incorporation of a string quartet and choired vocals, though the latter is rarely the chanted variety found in Therion and the like. The transitions from death metal to classical strings/choirs aren't always seemless, giving some songs the occasional disjointed feel, as if the band wrote a standard death metal tune and then felt the need to interject a violin interlude. However, this is offset with the originality and ambitions that this band possess. Thus, not a perfect band yet, but one heading in the right direction.

Current Members

Mike Lunacy (Michele Belli)


Daniele Galassi


Jacopo Rossi


Alessandro Vagnoni


Former Members/Guests



Mary Ann


Claudio Cinquegrana


Harpad (Bernard Boggia)




Andy Marchini

bass (ex-Sadist)



Baijkal (Luigi Berti)



(MCD) Silent Storm  
1998 self-released
  1. From the blacked soul
  2. Tears of light
  3. Time for decay
  4. Scream on the ice
  5. Take my cry
  • Mike Lunacy
  • Enomys
  • Vault
  • Baijkal

2000 Fuel
  1. Dolls
  2. Stalingrad
  3. Forlorn
  4. Frozen memory
  5. Cold embrace
  6. December
  7. Devoid
  8. Varen'ka
  9. Time for decay
  10. Fall
  11. Take my cry
  • Mike Lunacy
  • Enomys
  • Harpad
  • Baijkal

2003 SELF
  1. The dirge
  2. Lunacyrcus
  3. Fragile caress
  4. Through the non-time
  5. Defaced
  6. Serenity
  7. My dying pathway
  8. Fiamm
  9. Lacryma
  10. Die to reborn
  11. Forget-me-not
  • Mike Lunacy
  • Enomys
  • Imer
  • Baijkal

The Diarist  
2006 Fuel
  1. Aurora
  2. Play Dead
  3. Pulkovo Meridian
  4. The Diarist
  5. Snowdrifts
  6. Now is Forever
  7. On Memory's White Sleigh
  8. Heart of Leningrad
  9. Prospekt
  10. Motherland
  11. The Farewell Song
  • Mike Lunacy
  • Enomys
  • Mary Ann
  • Imer
  • Baijkal

Weaver Of Forgotten  
2010 Fuel
  • Mike Lunacy
  • Daniele Galassi
  • Claudio Cinquegrana
  • Andy Marchini
  • Alessandro Vagnoni

The Day Of Victory  
2014 Fuel
  1. Dawn of Victory
  2. Red Blocks
  3. Sacred War
  4. From the Don to the Sea
  5. The Decemberists
  6. Anthem of Red Ghosts
  7. The Mystic Rail
  8. Ages of Decay
  9. Victory
  10. Silent Riot
  • Mike Lunacy
  • Daniele Galassi
  • Jacopo Rossi
  • Alessandro Vagnoni

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