Origin: Belgium  
Genres: Black Metal
Last update/review: July 13, 2008


Conceived as a studio project in 1997, the Belgian duo Dagorlad promotes itself as a dark, atmospheric, medieval metal act, and a listen to The End Of The Dark Ages (their second release following a more obscure debut Incantations) reveals their self-description as reasonably accurate. They are essentially rooted in symphonic black metal, with frequent medieval-sounding influences, inviting comparisons to bands such as Bal-Sagoth or Summoning. They don't necessarily sound exactly like either of these bands, but somewhere between the two, as they share the keyboard and vocal work of the former and the pronounced majestic style and (programmed) drum work of the latter. Dark Ages is far from a perfect release, as a bit more continuity wouldn't go amiss, but it's an enjoyable album that bands of the aforementioned pair should get into.

Current Members

AOD (Frederic Mercier)


Philippe Gandibleu


Former Members/Guests

Patrick De Vidts



1999 Two Moons
  1. White Zombie
  2. Count Zaroff
  3. Freaks
  4. The Mark Of The Vampire
  5. Orison
  6. The Black Knights
  7. Invasion Of Rats
  8. Army Of Darkness
  9. The Inescapable Battle
  10. Unhappy End
  • Patrick De Vidts
  • Philippe Gandibleu

The End Of The Dark Ages  
2002 LSP Company
  1. Intro
  2. Zui'Dahr
  3. The Revelation To Mallek
  4. The Cauldron Of Death
  5. The Bulls Of Itaros
  6. Neflit
  7. The Warriors
  8. The March Of The Death
  9. The Holy Battle
  10. Epilogue
  • AOD
  • Philippe Gandibleu

Herald Of Doom  
  1. Intro
  2. Herald of Doom
  3. Imptacar
  4. Silver Cross Brotherhood
  5. Dwarves
  6. Dragons
  7. Elves
  8. An Army of Skeletons
  9. The Final Battle
  10. Outro
  11. The Sword (bonus track)
  • AOD
  • Philippe Gandibleu

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