Origin: Long Island, New York, USA  
Genres: Alternative Metal
Last update/review: September 29, 2001

dayinthelife ...

An interesting sound here, dayinthelife...'s style is somewhat in the post-heavy alternative arena, mixing a sound vaguely like a heavier Jane's Addiction with the wall-of-sound guitarwork of, say, Helmet. There is some intricate rhythms and riffs here that keep the songs interesting. The vocals (a shouted Perry Farrell style, showing some of the band's early hardcore roots) are a bit on the one-dimensional side -- though they fit the music, they also dull the impact a bit, as the music is far more varied than the vocals allow. Nonetheless, this is a very good album worth checking out. It's unsure whether this band is still around.

Last Lineup

George Reynolds


Josh DeMarco



guitars (ex-Medication)

Kris Fleicshmann


John Kamoosi



dayinthelife ...  
1997 TVT
  1. Sign of the times
  2. Chameleon
  3. 10th in a series
  4. Rise
  5. Self-serve
  6. See you on the way
  7. Ceremony of the new empire
  8. Open wide
  9. Side effect
  10. Killer in the workplace
  11. Welcome to the other side
  12. Spin control
  • George Reynolds
  • Josh DeMarco
  • Blunt
  • Kris Fleicshmann
  • John Kamoosi

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