Origin: Kristiansand, Norway  
Last update/review: January 31, 2006


Drawn was an odd, obscure band with connections to In The Woods ... (an odd band themselves), releasing an album and an EP to little fanfare in the late nineties and haven't been heard from since. Their sound isn't too far off what In The Woods ... was doing late in their career, that being eclectic, odd, experimental dark metal. A New World? is, understandably, a bit uneven, but an intriguing listen for left-field metal fans.

Last Lineup

Atle Dørum


Christer Cederberg

guitars/vocals (ex-In The Woods ...)

Per K





Plan Be  EP
1998 Prophecy
  1. Yours And Mine
  2. This Is My Day
  3. Lean On The Dead Time
  4. The Place
  • Atle Dørum
  • Christer Cederberg
  • Per K
  • Thomaz

A New World?  
1999 Prophecy
  1. Rivawella Form
  2. Yours And Mine
  3. So I Can't Dance, OK!
  4. Would Have Had
  5. Marygold
  6. A-scape
  7. Momento In Slomo
  8. Improzigw
  • Atle Dørum
  • Christer Cederberg
  • Per K
  • Thomaz

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