Origin: Ireland  
Last update/review: March 26, 2005


A once-promising band from Ireland, Dreamsfear mixed power metal, a bit of thrash, and a bit of NWOBHM on their first album (actually more like a long EP -- four longish songs). At times the band sounds a bit like mid-period Metallica (circa Puppets/Justice), other times a bit of Iron Maiden can be heard. The production is a bit muddy, though understandable for a self-financed release. A bit more originality in the songwriting would be nice in the future, but Prelude To Destiny was a fine debut album. Unfortunately the band never recorded again, the members scattering to various local bands, several of which are active as of this writing.

Last Lineup

Rob Buggle


Kieran Hynes


Cathal Rodgers


Colin Purcell

drums (ex-Cruachan)


Prelude To Destiny  
1998 independent
  1. Ruins
  2. Bleak horizons
  3. As darkness falls
  4. Burning bridges
  • Rob Buggle
  • Kieran Hynes
  • Cathal Rodgers
  • Colin Purcell

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