Origin: Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA  
Last update/review: December 12, 2003


Dragonspoon is the solo project of guitarist Frank Aresti, well known for his work in Fates Warning. Some have placed this work in the industrial field, or perhaps a blend of industrial and progressive metal, but it only contains token elements of those two genres, and it really sound much like anyone or anything else either. There are traces of progressive guitar work here and there, alongside a prevalent industrial edge (best heard on "Breakout"), but much warmer and more laidback than is usually associated with the industrial scene. Though not exactly the best representation of the style, a pretty faithful rendition of the Cars "Moving In Stereo" gives some insight into the direction that Aresti has progressed. There are plenty of ambient passages that give the album a relaxed and tranquil feel, and these breaks contrast the heavier moments quite nicely. Dragonspoon is a somewhat quirky release that gains points for originality and might find favor both in the progressive and industrial crowds.

Current Members

Frank Aresti

vocals/guitars/programming (ex-Arch/Matheos, Fates Warning)


2002 Hook In Mouth
  1. Just To Feel Alive Again
  2. Devil Gone Too Far
  3. Smoothing The Way
  4. The Dream
  5. Snap!
  6. The Winding Ring
  7. Breakout
  8. Deep Blue Sea
  9. Moving In Sterio
  10. Conjuring Grace
  11. Blade
  12. My Favorite Stain
  • Frank Aresti

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