Origin: Long Beach, California, USA  
Genres: Industrial
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Last update/review: September 12, 2004


Drown's first album is stark, mechanized, and industrial-tinged, with a style reminiscient of Nine Inch Nails, or perhaps Misery Loves Co.. After an extended absense from the recording scene (apparently due in no small part to record label problems), a new lineup and new album emerged, but the band broke up some time later. Lauren Boquette and Patrick Sprawl were later seen in a band called Famous, and still later Boquette formed SiX (link below).

Last Lineup

Lauren Boquette


Patrick Sprawl


Sean E. Demott


Marco Forcone


Former Members/Guests

Joseph Bishara

guitars (ex-Danzig)

Rob Nicholson

bass (ex-Cryptic Slaughter, ex-Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie)


Hold On To The Hollow  
1994 Elektra
  • Lauren Boquette
  • Joseph Bishara
  • Rob Nicholson
  • Marco Forcone

Product Of A Two-Faced World  
1998 Slipdisc
  • Lauren Boquette
  • Patrick Sprawl
  • Sean E. Demott
  • Marco Forcone

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