Origin: Berlin, Germany  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Page online: July 1, 2016
Last update/review: July 1, 2016


Duskmachine was formed in Germany in 2004 and quickly recorded an album a year later, but then went eight years and several lineup changes before a followup (curiously self-titled) came out in 2013. The membership has always been an international affair, as the original lineup consisted of two Germans, a Pole, and a Canadian, but by the time of Duskmachine, that had shifted to one German, a Canadian, and two Americans, and in fact 3/4 of the current band consists of former members of Canuck thrashers Annihilator. And speaking of thrash, that's what Duskmachine is all about, playing a slightly technical brand of thrash that given the pedigree and label should be generating more interest than it has so far. Straddling the line between retro and modern, Duskmachine isn't a game-changer but it's a solid effort.

Current Members

Joe Comeau

vocals/guitars (ex-Annihilator, Liege Lord, ex-Overkill, ex-Tad Morose)

Nikolai Wurk


Russell Bergquist

bass (ex-Annihilator)

Randy Black

drums (ex-Annihilator, Destruction, ex-Primal Fear, ex-Rebellion, ex-Skew Siskin)

Former Members/Guests

Hagen Hirschmann


Peter Habura



The Final Fall  
  1. The Final Fall
  2. Antepartum
  3. Sandman
  4. The Maker's Death
  5. Consolation
  6. Stolen Love
  7. A Promise from Underneath
  8. From Deep Below
  9. Three
  10. Lament / Entering the Afterlife
  • Hagen Hirschmann
  • Nikolai Wurk
  • Peter Habura
  • Randy Black

2013 Massacre
  1. I Feel No Pain
  2. Bloodshed
  3. Endless
  4. Duskmachine
  5. Dying in My Skin
  6. Conquer All
  7. Dripping
  8. My Empty Room
  9. Hands of Fate
  10. Escaping
  • Joe Comeau
  • Nikolai Wurk
  • Russell Bergquist
  • Randy Black

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