Origin: Slovakia  
Genres: Death Metal
Last update/review: April 14, 2003


Look To Forget is a fine album of jumpy, chaotic, technical death metal, somewhat along the lines of later-period Death. The musicianship is flawless, with guitar riffs and drum patterns bouncing all over the place, with standard growlly vocals over the top. There is a tendency here to lose focus of the song in favor of jamming in yet another riff, but this can be overlooked. This is probably a hard find, but tech death metal fans would definitely find this band of interest.

Last Lineup

Marian Misik


Marius Kadak


Vladimir Mutinik


Pavol Jambor



Look To Forget  
1994 Czech Panorama
  1. Right to Submit
  2. Invisible
  3. Mankind
  4. Candid Condolence
  5. Feelingless
  6. Possessed by Desire
  7. Insane Reality
  8. The Limited Space
  • Marian Misik
  • Marius Kadak
  • Vladimir Mutinik
  • Pavol Jambor

The Intricacies Of Nothingness  
2014 self-released
  1. Variation I on Poem Interpreter
  2. Variation II on Poem Arhan
  3. Variation III on Poem Interpreter
  4. Variation IV on Poem Arhan
  5. Variation V on Poem Arhan
  6. Variation VI on Poem Arhan
  7. Variation VII on Poem Interpreter
  8. Variation VIII on Poem Arhan
  • Marian Misik
  • Marius Kadak
  • Vladimir Mutinik
  • Pavol Jambor

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