Origin: Luleå, Sweden  
Genres: Melodic Death Metal
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Last update/review: July 12, 2015

The Duskfall

Formed in 1999 initially as a side project, The Duskfall embodies Swedish melodic death metal as well as any band, releasing five well-executed, if not generic, albums over the course of their career. The melodic death scene has been saturated for a few years now (even more so with the increasing number of American metalcore bands borrowing Swedish melodic death riffs), and it is has been increasingly hard for bands like this to really make a name for themselves in such a crowded field. Having said that, those who can't get enough melodic death will want to check out The Duskfall, as they did perform well within the confines of the genre. They broke up in August 2008 following the departure of founding member Mikael Sandorf, and then years later Sandorf himself recruited an all-new lineup and kept the name going.

Current Members

Magnus Klavborn


Mikael Sandorf

guitars (ex-Gates Of Ishtar)

Jakob Björnfot


Jonatan Storm


Fredrik Andersson

drums (ex-Marduk, ex-Marduk, ex-Netherbird)

Former Members/Guests

Kai Jaakola


Glenn Svensson


Joachim Lindbäck


Antti Lindholm


Ronny Edlund


Kaj Molin


Matti Järnil


Oskar Karlsson

drums (ex-Defleshed, ex-Gates Of Ishtar) RIP: March 4, 2016, age 39


2002 Black Lotus
  1. The Light
  2. Age Of Errors
  3. Agoraphobic
  4. Poison The Waters
  5. None
  6. Farewell Song
  7. Frailty
  8. Tune Of Slaughtered Hearts
  9. Just Follow
  10. Deliverance
  • Kai Jaakola
  • Mikael Sandorf
  • Glenn Svensson
  • Kaj Molin
  • Oskar Karlsson

2003 Black Lotus
  1. Case Closed
  2. Striving To Have Nothing
  3. The Grand Scheme
  4. Source
  5. Not A Good Sign
  6. Guidance
  7. Lead Astray
  8. The Destroyer
  • Kai Jaakola
  • Mikael Sandorf
  • Joachim Lindbäck
  • Kaj Molin
  • Oskar Karlsson

Lifetime Supply Of Guilt  
2005 Nuclear Blast
  1. Trust Is Overrated
  2. The Shallow End
  3. Break The Pact
  4. A Stubborn Soul
  5. Shoot It In
  6. Going Down Screaming
  7. Hours Are Wasted
  8. Sympathy Has Decreased
  9. Downright Dreadful
  10. Relive Your Fall
  • Kai Jaakola
  • Mikael Sandorf
  • Antti Lindholm
  • Oskar Karlsson

The Dying Wonders Of The World  
2007 Nuclear Blast
  1. Paradises into Deserts
  2. The Wheel and the Blacklight
  3. Deep in Your World
  4. Some More Sin on My Burden
  5. Shadows and Cancer
  6. Bring Us Your Infected
  7. The Option and The Poison
  8. Sealed with a Fist
  9. I've Only Got Knives for You
  • Kai Jaakola
  • Mikael Sandorf
  • Antti Lindholm
  • Matti Järnil
  • Oskar Karlsson

Where The Tree Stands Dead  
2014 Apostasy
  1. To the Pigs
  2. Farewell
  3. I Can Kill You
  4. Where the Tree Stands Dead
  5. We the Freaks
  6. Endgame
  7. Hate for Your God
  8. The Charade
  9. Burn Your Ghosts
  10. Travesty
  11. We Bleed
  • Magnus Klavborn
  • Mikael Sandorf
  • Ronny Edlund
  • Jonatan Storm
  • Fredrik Andersson

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