Origin: Sapporo, Japan  
Genres: Hard Rock
Last update/review: November 1, 2002


Most Japanese bands of the eighties took their cue from Loudness, playing a distinctive brand of European-influenced traditional metal. EZO, on the other hand, sounded like they grew up in Los Angeles, a city they came to call home in 1984 after recording two albums under the name Flatbacker (not reviewed here, but by several accounts these two albums are heavier and less mainstream than the EZO albums). The band was discovered by none other than Gene Simmons, who eventually produced the self-titled album. Both that album and the successful follow-up Fire Fire sounded distinctly American, opting squarely for a catchy hard rock/metal sound (likened by some to a heavier Kiss). Internal differences led to their breakup after the release of Fire Fire. Speaking of Loudness, two of the members here eventually joined that band.

Last Lineup

Masaki Yamada

vocals (ex-Loudness)

Shoyo Iida


Taro Takahashi


Hiro Homma

drums (ex-Anthem, ex-Loudness)


1985 Victor
  • Masaki Yamada
  • Shoyo Iida
  • Taro Takahashi
  • Hiro Homma

1986 Victor
  1. Guerrilla Gang
  2. Cut Me Dead
  3. Closing
  4. Bad Loser
  5. Deep Insert
  6. Nervous Disturbance
  7. Human
  8. Affect A Smile
  9. Starvation
  10. Burst 1986
  • Masaki Yamada
  • Shoyo Iida
  • Taro Takahashi
  • Hiro Homma

1987 Geffen
  1. House of 1,000 Pleasures
  2. Flashback Heart Attack
  3. Mr. Midnight
  4. Here It Comes
  5. I Walk Alone
  6. Destroyer
  7. Big Changes
  8. Kiss of Fire
  9. Desiree
  • Masaki Yamada
  • Shoyo Iida
  • Taro Takahashi
  • Hiro Homma

Fire Fire  
1989 Geffen
  1. Love Junkie
  2. Night Crawler
  3. Fire Fire
  4. Wild Talk
  5. Burn Down the Night
  6. Black Moon
  7. Back to Zero
  8. Cold-Blooded
  9. She's Ridin' the Rhythm
  10. Streetwalker
  11. Million Miles Away
  • Masaki Yamada
  • Shoyo Iida
  • Taro Takahashi
  • Hiro Homma

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