Origin: England  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Page online: May 13, 2006
Last update/review: May 13, 2006

Energetic Krusher

An obscure British band, Energetic Krusher released one album in 1989 and was never heard from again. Musically they played rough thrash, akin to fellow Brits such as Hellbastard or perhaps Cerebral Fix. The lineup information in particular is hard to come by, with bassist Danny McCormack (later seen in the hard rock band The Wildhearts) the only known entity (the other names below were derived by attempting to decipher a Russian website -- no guarantees on the accuracy).

Last Lineup

Ali Lynn


Nick Parsons


Louis Wade


Danny McCormack


Martin Robert



Path To Oblivion  
1989 Vinyl Solution
  1. Lord Of Darkness
  2. The Blast
  3. Thrash Ritual
  4. The Blades
  5. Battle Cry
  6. Brain Damage
  7. Yukk
  8. War Path
  9. Back From The Dead
  10. Energetic Krusher
  • Ali Lynn
  • Nick Parsons
  • Louis Wade
  • Danny McCormack
  • Martin Robert

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