Origin: Blackpool, England  
Genres: Doomdeath
Last update/review: March 24, 2003


Enchantment was a short-lived doomdeath band of the early 90's, recording a demo in 1993 (A Tear For Young Eloquence) which attracted the attention of Peaceville Records mainman Hammy, who produced their only album, Dance The Marble Naked. Paradise Lost As a British doomdeath band, comparisons to My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost are inevitable, and sure enough Enchantment is in the same ballpark, though not a clone of either. They disappeared after the one album.

Last Lineup

Paul Jones


Marc Gibson


Steve Blackmore


Mark Tierney


Chris Sanders



Dance The Marble Naked  
1994 Century Media
  1. Kneading With Honey
  2. My Oceans Vast
  3. The Touch Of A Crown
  4. Carve Me In Sand
  5. Summer For The Dames
  6. God Send
  7. Of acorns That Gather
  8. Meadows
  • Paul Jones
  • Marc Gibson
  • Steve Blackmore
  • Mark Tierney
  • Chris Sanders

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