Origin: Montreal, Quebec, Canada  
Genres: Thrash Metal
Page online: December 11, 2006
Last update/review: December 11, 2006


Eudoxis was one of the earlier Canadian thrash bands (alongside more well-known acts such as Annihilator, Exciter and Razor), forming in 1984 and releasing a single, “Attack From Above”, in 1986. By the time their only album (Open Fire) was released in 1991, the lineup had almost completely turned over, with only Rick Raczko remaining from the original lineup. After still more lineup changes, the band soldiered on until their breakup in 1993. Open Fire was pretty typical for the time, the early nineties literally overflowing with thrash bands, and while Eudoxis may not have been the most original band out there, they were quite good at what they did.

Last Lineup

Sotiri Papafylis


Mars B. Alexander


Rick Raczko


J.P. Perrault



Open Fire  
1991 Shell Shock
  1. Ultimatum / Open Fire
  2. Tormented We Fall
  3. Progressive Mental Deterioration (Dementia)
  4. Omnipotent Phantasies
  5. The Gathering
  6. Reach the Sun
  7. Reflections of a Lost Past
  • Sotiri Papafylis
  • Mars B. Alexander
  • Rick Raczko
  • J.P. Perrault

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