Origin: Boston, Massachusetts, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
Page online: May 14, 2004
Last update/review: May 14, 2004


Hailing from the New England area, Executioner managed two albums in their short career, specializing in frenzied speed metal, pre-dating thrash by a bit, enthusiastically played if not really terribly memorable. The third release, The Storm After The Calm, recorded in the late 80's, was recently unearthed and self-released by the band. One-time bassist Seth Putnam later went on to front the infamous cult extreme act A.C.

Last Lineup

Marc Johnson


Tommy Flynn


Dan Scannell


Former Members/Guests

Ari Vianio


Seth Putnam



In The Name Of Metal  
1986 New Renaissance
  1. Victims Of Evil
  2. Hell And Back
  3. Death By The Blade
  4. Nuclear Nightmare
  5. Your Life Is Over
  6. Annihilation
  7. Stand Up And Fight
  8. In A Silent Way
  9. Genocide
  10. Going Blind
  11. Cyanide
  12. In The Name Of Metal
  13. Battlelands
  • Marc Johnson
  • Ari Vianio
  • Dan Scannell

Break The Silence  
1987 New Renaissance
  1. Death March
  2. Break The Silence
  3. Eye of The Needle
  4. Your Life Is Over
  5. Terminally Ill
  6. Hatred
  7. Genocide
  8. No One Left To Die
  9. Victims of Evil
  10. Stand Up And Fight
  • Marc Johnson
  • Seth Putnam
  • Dan Scannell

The Storm After The Calm  
2000 self-released
  1. Apostles of the Damned
  2. In Cold Blood
  3. Devastation
  4. Fatal Calling
  5. Imprisoned
  6. Terminally Ill
  7. Time After Time
  8. The Predator
  9. Nothing To Fear
  10. Beyond the Terror
  11. Death March
  12. Break the Silence
  13. Walk All Over You
  • Marc Johnson
  • Tommy Flynn
  • Dan Scannell

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