Origin: Kansas City, Missouri, USA  
Genres: Black Metal, Christian Metal
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Page online: February 29, 2008
Last update/review: February 29, 2008

Frost Like Ashes

This Midwestern band was put together in 2001, intending to put their own unique spin on symphonic black metal. This is death-influenced black metal with prominant keyboards and a fair bit of impressive drumming. Some have labelled this band a poor man's Cradle Of Filth, which isn't too far off the mark as the vocals do resemble Dani Filth at times and musically early COF is a decent reference point. Lyrically, this band is quite Christian, which is a bit of a novelty, as black metal and Christian lyrics are seldom put together (see Horde for a rare example). So, Frost Like Ashes' stance is either a noble stand for their own beliefs, or an attempt to woo non-believers to their side. Add to this the fact that Kansas City is hardly a black metal hotspot, and that makes these guys' road a tough one to hoe. Tophet isn't groundbreaking for the genre of black metal, though Christian metal fans seem to be enjoying this more than secular fans.

Last Lineup

Azahel (Nyk Edinger)

vocals (ex-Possession)




bass (ex-Via Mistica)



Adonijah (Shane Goade)

drums (ex-Possession)

Former Members/Guests






Pure As The Blood Covered Snow  EP
  1. Notions of Insanity
  2. A Cruel Verse
  3. Adorers Oo Blood
  4. After Forever (Black Sabbath Cover)
  5. Immortals (Demo Version)
  • Azahel
  • Sebat
  • Syntyche
  • Adonijah

  1. A Terrible Visitation
  2. Desecrator
  3. Of Spirit And Power
  4. Nightfall's Cold Kiss
  5. A Cruel Verse
  6. Crucifixion
  7. Execution By Fire
  8. Shattered Gods
  9. Lord Of Darkness
  • Azahel
  • Sebat
  • Ruach
  • Qoheleth
  • Adonijah

Live In Omaha  VIDEO

Born To Pieces  
  1. Born to Pieces
  2. Pale Shadows
  3. Immortals
  4. Plan 2
  5. When the Man Comes Around
  6. Nightfall's Cold Kiss
  7. Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent/O Come O Come Emmanuel
  8. Rehearsal Tape - Adorers of Blood
  9. Rehearsal Tape - A Cruel Verse
  • Azahel
  • Sebat
  • Jarek
  • Qoheleth
  • Adonijah

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