Origin: Vineland, New Jersey, USA  
Genres: Thrash Metal
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Last update/review: January 27, 2012

Faith Or Fear

Faith Or Fear was one of several prime early thrash bands snapped up by Combat Records in the eighties, recording their only album to date, Punishment Area, in 1989, and, like many an American 80's metal band, debuted on a Metal Massacre compilation (IX). Their sound was a rough early form of thrash, somewhat along the lines of early Testament. They didn't last long after the album's release, with several lineup changes taking place (including, notably, former Overkill guitarist Merritt Gant making an appearance) before giving up. Apart from a brief reformation as a cover band called Wagonhead in 1994, little was heard from the members until 2003, when the band formally united, the lineup featuring four of the Punishment Area members alongside original founding drummer Dan Hansen. They finally released a comeback album, Instruments Of Death, in 2009. Despite the tragic loss of bassist C.J. Jenkins later that year, a modified lineup remains active as of this writing (January 2012), with a brand-new album, Titanium, just released.

Current Members

Tim Blackman


Chris Bombeke


Bob Perna


Matt Rogizinski


Ed Schwegel


Former Members/Guests

C.J. Jenkins

bass RIP: September 13, 2009, heart attack

Rich Lohwasser



Punishment Area  
1989 Combat
  1. Lack Of Motivation
  2. C.D.S.
  3. Punishment Area
  4. Rampage/Nothing Uncommon
  5. Have No Fear
  6. What Would You Expect
  7. Darkside
  8. Shadow Knows
  9. Ripoffs
  10. Time Bomb
  11. Instruments Of Death
  • Tim Blackman
  • Chris Bombeke
  • Bob Perna
  • C.J. Jenkins
  • Rich Lohwasser

Instruments Of Death  
  1. Dehumanized
  2. Instruments of Death
  3. Done in Vein
  4. Got No Choice
  5. Hidden By Animosity
  6. True Life
  7. Sacrifice
  8. Nightmare of a Lifetime
  9. Straight to Hell (Instrumental)
  10. Disintegration
  11. Power Lies
  12. Darker Shade of Death
  13. Planet X
  14. Archie Bunker
  • Tim Blackman
  • Chris Bombeke
  • C.J. Jenkins
  • Ed Schwegel

2012 self-released
  1. Titanium
  2. Grinding Halt
  3. System Is Armed
  4. Machine
  5. Deep Down
  6. Forever's Not That Long
  7. Afterglow
  8. Bloodbath
  9. CJ
  • Tim Blackman
  • Chris Bombeke
  • Bob Perna
  • Matt Rogizinski
  • Ed Schwegel

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