Origin: Orange City, Florida, USA  
Last update/review: February 8, 2000

Fatal Opera

After an extended absense from the recording scene, ex-Megadeth drummer Gar Samuelson (along with guitarist brother Stew) emerged in a new band, Fatal Opera. And indeed, the debut album's opening track, "Dead by 1998", sounds more than a bit like early-mid-period Megadeth. The similarity ends there, though, as the rest of the album displays a quirky, progressive sound that is quite interesting, if often unconventional. Gar was a fine drummer in the past, and he is in top form here -- brother Stew is no slouch, and the other members excel as well. A pretty original sound (I've read a review mentioning Mind Over Four as an occasional soundalike, and that's not a bad call) but in general Fatal Opera don't sound much like anyone else. With the passing of Gar in July of 1999 the band was never heard from again.

Last Lineup

Andy Freeman


Stew Samuelson


Billy Brehme


Travis Karcher


Gar Samuelson

drums (ex-Megadeth) RIP: July 14, 1999, liver failure, age 41

Former Members/Guests

Dave Inman



Fatal Opera  
1995 Massacre
  1. Dead By 1998
  2. Evil Tears
  3. Sphere Of Glass
  4. Moving Underground (Bong)
  5. The Unwilling
  6. The Distant
  7. Beaten Path
  8. Overshadowed
  9. Kill'Em
  10. Moon Turns The Tides
  • Dave Inman
  • Stew Samuelson
  • Travis Karcher
  • Gar Samuelson

Eleventh Hour  
1997 Massacre
  1. Would You?
  2. Nothing is everything
  3. Once I was a fly
  4. Indiscretion
  5. Inside / Outside
  6. Lucy in the sky
  7. Wrist twister
  8. Mindfuck
  9. Dredges (the truth)
  10. Three steps
  11. The end of me
  12. My psychiatrist
  13. Devil monkey's
  14. Calling of Lotar
  • Andy Freeman
  • Stew Samuelson
  • Billy Brehme
  • Travis Karcher
  • Gar Samuelson

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