Origin: Skellefteå, Sweden  
Genres: Death Metal
Page online: January 31, 2022
Last update/review: January 31, 2022


Apparently the roots of this Swedish band trace back to a group with the unlikely moniker of Valmer & Hook, plying their trade as a joke/parody black metal band. Eventually they gave up on this and Feral was born, and here the focus is clear -- it's Entombed worship all the way, as the band employ that famous dirty downtuned guitar tone to fantastic effect, with similarly rough Petrov-approved vocals. It's pretty one-dimensional when all is said and done, but they do capture the style quite flawlessly.

Current Members

David Nilsson


Markus Lindahl


Sebastian Lejon


Viktor Klingstedt


Roger Markström


Former Members/Guests

Petter Nilsson


Richard Lundmark



Dragged To The Altar  
2011 Ibex Moon
  1. Once Inside the Tomb
  2. Altar of Necromancy
  3. Judas
  4. Welcome to the Graveyard
  5. Howling
  6. The Deathbog
  7. Graverobber
  8. The Curse of the Casket
  9. Behead the Crucifix
  10. Malevolent Summoning
  11. Outro
  • David Nilsson
  • Markus Lindahl
  • Petter Nilsson
  • Viktor Klingstedt
  • Richard Lundmark

Where Dead Dreams Dwell  
2015 Cyclone Empire
  1. Swallowed by Darkness
  2. Creatures Among the Coffins
  3. As the Feast Begins
  4. Suffering Torment
  5. Carving the Blood Eagle
  6. Inhumation Ceremony
  7. The Crawler
  8. Overwhelmed
  9. Mass Resurrection
  10. Succumb to Terror
  • David Nilsson
  • Markus Lindahl
  • Viktor Klingstedt
  • Roger Markström

From The Mortuary  EP
2016 Cyclone Empire
  1. The Hand of the Devil
  2. Reborn in the Morgue
  3. The Cult of the Head
  4. The Rite
  5. Necrofilthiac (2016)
  6. Relentless (Pentagram cover)
  • David Nilsson
  • Markus Lindahl
  • Viktor Klingstedt
  • Roger Markström

Flesh For Funerals Eternal  
  1. Vaults of Undead Horror
  2. Black Coven Secrets
  3. Gathering Their Bones
  4. Dormant Disease
  5. Of Gods No Longer Invoked
  6. Accursed
  7. Horrendous Sight
  8. Stygian Void
  9. Buried
  10. Bled Dry
  • David Nilsson
  • Markus Lindahl
  • Sebastian Lejon
  • Viktor Klingstedt
  • Roger Markström

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