Origin: Pietarsaari, Finland  
Genres: Death Metal
Page online: October 25, 2019
Last update/review: October 25, 2019


While Festerday's debut album was released in 2019, their history dates back to their formation in 1989. They puttered around until 1992, releasing a few demos in the process, before putting the band to bed. Several of the members came together several years later and became ... And Oceans, an eclectic black metal band that lasted until 2005, at which time they morphed into the industrial-inspired Havoc Unit. That band, too, ran its course, and in 2013 Festerday was revived. The aforementioned debut, Iihtallan, goes straight for the jugular old-school death metal style, with grindy low-tuned guitars and gore-inspired lyrics (presumably a nod to Carcass, an influence and the source of their band name).

Current Members

Kena Strömsholm

vocals (ex-... And Oceans, ex-Havoc Unit)

Timo Kontio

guitars (ex-... And Oceans, ex-Havoc Unit)

Teemu Saari

guitars (ex-... And Oceans)

Antti Räisälä


Jani Kuoppamaa



... The Four Stages Of Decomposition ...  COMPILATION
2015 Svart
  1. I Breathe Death
  2. Necrolatry (Risen from the Grave)
  3. Mouth-to-Mouth Vomiting
  4. ...Life...Hearse...Mould
  5. Wonderful Worms
  6. Rotting Under Goregeous Autumn Colors
  7. Shit-Blistering
  8. Romantic Regurgitation of Excrements
  9. Maggot Infested Corpse
  10. A Writhing Mass of Flesh-Eating Maggots
  11. Necropsy (Buried but Resurrected)
  12. Dismembered and Devoured
  13. Carunculae Under Skin
  14. Palpation of the Dissected
  15. Life Among Tears and Clouds
  16. In Gorgeous Autumn Colors
  17. Wonderful Worms
  18. Born in a Casket
  19. Cadaver's Vomit
  20. Gastrointestinal Haemorrhage
  21. Putrified Corpses
  22. Ready to Die
  23. Snorting Bile
  24. Your Bones Around My Neck
  25. Entangled in Entrails
  26. Stiff, Swollen and Blue
  27. Forever...Rotting
  28. Ready to Die
  29. Hacked into Pieces

2017 Old Skull
  1. Caruncula Under Skin
  2. Palpation of the Dissected
  3. Life Among Tears and Clouds
  4. In Gorgeous Autumn Colours
  5. Wonderful World

Defile, Deflesh, Devour  EP
2018 Old Skull
  1. A Tree of Poison
  2. Faeces
  3. A Tree of Poison
  4. Faeces

Cadaveric Virginity  EP
2018 Season Of Mist
  1. The Ones Who Strangle Stars and Suns
  2. Let the Sun Vomit Its Beams upon Your Cold Swollen Skin

2019 Season Of Mist
  1. The Last Night of the Earth
  2. Edible Excrement
  3. Tongues for Rotten Kisses
  4. Kill Your Truth
  5. Control Not Your Soul
  6. Dreaming for the Dead
  7. Vomiting Pestilence
  8. Flowers of Bones
  9. Flowers of Stone
  10. Into the Void
  11. Constructive Decomposition
  12. Gravelove
  13. The Human Race Disgrace
  14. Your Saliva My Vagina
  15. Let Me Entertain Your Entrails
  16. Let Me Entertain Your Entrails (Redux)
  • Kena Strömsholm
  • Timo Kontio
  • Teemu Saari
  • Antti Räisälä
  • Jani Kuoppamaa

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