Origin: Redondo Beach, California, USA  
Genres: Stoner Rock
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Last update/review: November 5, 2017

Fireball Ministry

Another in the growing legion of stoner rock bands, Fireball Ministry are a throwback to the 70's, with influences ranging from Black Sabbath (more so than other stoner bands) to Monster Magnet to Fu Manchu. Like several of the bands in this genre, the Ministry manages to craft original, distinctive songs while at the same time sounding very similar to others in the field. With two releases on small labels under their belts, they stepped it up a notch by signing to Nuclear Blast for their 2003 release, The Second Great Awakening.

Current Members

James A. Rota II


Emily J. Burton


Scott Reeder

bass (ex-Goatsnake, ex-Kyuss, ex-The Obsessed, guest for Sunn O))), ex-Unida)

John Oreshnick


Former Members/Guests

Jimmy Z. D'Amico


Janis Tanaka

bass (ex-Hammers Of Misfortune, ex-L7)

Johnny Chow (John Bechtel)

bass (ex-Systematic)


Ou Est La Rock?  
1999 Bong Load
  1. The Man
  2. Two Tears
  3. 665
  4. 3
  5. Guts
  6. Death Dealer
  7. Vim
  8. Levites
  • James A. Rota II
  • Emily J. Burton
  • Jimmy Z. D'Amico
  • John Oreshnick

2001 Small Stone
  1. King
  2. Choker
  3. Maidens Of Venus
  4. Muscle Of Love
  5. Victim Of Changes
  6. Fortunes
  7. Cough / Cool
  8. Movin' Out
  • James A. Rota II
  • Emily J. Burton
  • Janis Tanaka
  • John Oreshnick

The Second Great Awakening  
2003 Nuclear Blast
  1. The Second Awakening - Intro
  2. King
  3. The Sinner
  4. Master Of None
  5. Daughter Of The Damned
  6. Flatline
  7. In The Mourning
  8. He Who Kills
  9. Rollin' On
  10. Choker
  11. Maidens Of Venus
  • James A. Rota II
  • Emily J. Burton
  • Janis Tanaka
  • John Oreshnick

Their Rock Is Not Our Rock  
2005 Liquor & Poker
  1. It Flies Again
  2. Sundown
  3. The Broken
  4. In The End
  5. Hellspeak
  6. Two Tears
  7. Under The Thunder
  8. Spill The Demons
  9. Rising From The Deep
  10. Save The Saved
  • James A. Rota II
  • Emily J. Burton
  • Johnny Chow
  • John Oreshnick

Fireball Ministry  
2010 Restricted
  1. Hard Lines
  2. Fallen Believers
  3. Thought It Out
  4. Followed By a Fall
  5. Kick Back
  6. Butcher, Faker, Policy Maker
  7. End of Story
  8. Common Enemy
  9. Sleeping With Angels
  10. In Their Own Right
  • James A. Rota II
  • Emily J. Burton
  • Johnny Chow
  • John Oreshnick

Remember The Story  
2017 Cleopatra
  1. End Of Our Truth
  2. Everything You Wanted
  3. Back On Earth
  4. The Answer
  5. Dying To Win
  6. Stop Talking
  7. Weaver's Dawn
  8. Remember The Story
  9. All For Naught
  10. I Don't Believe A Word
  • James A. Rota II
  • Emily J. Burton
  • Scott Reeder
  • John Oreshnick

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