Origin: Russia  
Genres: Doomdeath, Gothic Metal
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Page online: October 30, 2007
Last update/review: January 30, 2010

Forest Stream

Forest Stream was conceived in the mid-nineties, led by two young Russians by the names of Sonm and Omid. Enduring various hardships along the way, they somehow managed to record a demo that attracted the interest of Lee Barrett at Elitist Records, who signed the band for its debut album released in 2003. Tears Of Mortal Solitude is a prime slice of sprawling, somber, gothic doomdeath, bringing to mind bands such as My Dying Bride or perhaps earlier Katatonia, the songs shuttling between heavier moments and calmer, more relaxed interludes quite effortlessly. This is a surprisingly mature and developed album that is a fine example of the doomdeath genre. Since the album's release the band has expanded to a sextet, and as of this writing they hope to record their second album in late 2007 or early 2008.

Current Members

Sonm The Darkest


Wizard Omin





bass (Fatal Embrace)





Former Members/Guests




Tears Of Mortal Solitude  
2003 Elitist
  1. Autumn Elegy
  2. Legend
  3. Last Season Purity
  4. Snowfall
  5. Mel Kor
  6. Whole
  7. Black Swans
  8. Winter Solstice
  9. Steps Of Mankind
  • Sonm The Darkest
  • Wizard Omin
  • Anth

The Crown Of Winter  
2009 Candlelight
  1. Intro
  2. The Crown Of Winter
  3. Mired
  4. Bless You To Die
  5. Autumn Dancers
  6. The Seventh Symphony Of Satan
  7. The Beautiful Nature
  8. Outro
  • Sonm The Darkest
  • Wizard Omin
  • Berzerk
  • Moloch
  • Elhella
  • Kir

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