Origin: Twente, Netherlands  
Genres: Death Metal
Page online: June 2, 2013
Last update/review: June 2, 2013

Grand Supreme Blood Court

A few years ago Hail Of Bullets came on to the scene and were regarded as a Dutch death metal supergroup of sorts, and with the ambitiously-titled Grand Supreme Blood Court we have another such band. The bands draw from similar heritages, as both feature past or present members of Asphyx, Thanatos, and in fact each other. And like HOB, this band is really just the sum of its parts, with plenty of old-school (i.e. less technical) death metal the order of the day. Eric Daniels' grindy, razory guitars are pretty cool, and the intensity is there, but the songs are pretty samey and there's little new ground broken here. That's often the case with supergroups it seems -- more of an additional outlet for like-minded folk to ply their wares rather than really trying something different. That's not to say Bow Down Before The Blood Court isn't worthwhile, but it is pretty much what one would expect.

Current Members

Martin van Drunen

vocals (Asphyx, ex-Comecon, ex-Hail Of Bullets, ex-Pestilence)

Alwin Zuur

guitars (Asphyx)

Eric Daniels

guitars (ex-Asphyx)

Theo van Eekelen

bass (ex-Hail Of Bullets, Siege Of Power, ex-Thanatos)

Bob Bagchus

drums (ex-Asphyx, Siege Of Power)


Bow Down Before The Blood Court  
2012 Century Media
  1. All Rise!
  2. Bow Down Before the Blood Court
  3. There Shall Be No Acquittance
  4. Veredictum Sanguis
  5. Behead the Defence
  6. Grand Justice, Grand Pain
  7. Fed to the Boars
  8. Circus of Mass Torment
  9. Public Castration
  10. Piled Up for the Scavengers
  11. ...And Thus the Billions Shall Burn
  • Martin van Drunen
  • Alwin Zuur
  • Eric Daniels
  • Theo van Eekelen
  • Bob Bagchus

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